Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th...the luckiest of days!

I was literally born on a Friday the 13th. People always chime in and say, "oh that explains it!". Explains what? My quirky ways and outlooks? I personally find my birthday to be RAD. I was born on a super holy day too, a Good Friday...the day Jesus died. My father and grandmother were also born on a Friday the 13th. I come from a long line of a special birthday. People often fear this day. They are referred to as one who has triskaidekaphobia or tredecaphobia. Crazy right? A fear of a number. Well, I have to admit I have a fear of 666 and WILL not purchase anything that totals three 6's in a row. So, I guess I am in a different boat sailing on the same number sea.

I have had a tradition that I like to get tattooed on Friday the 13ths. This year my birthday falls on a Friday, so I will be going to get inked on my birthday to commemorate my favorite day and number.
Here are two examples of ink I had done on Friday the 13ths of years passed.

(Don't pay any attention to my wonky RA toes...they have been moving and changing recently to the deformity level)

My love for the 13th. It's a conversation starter too. People say "why 13? or what's up with 13?" Then I tell them and that's when I'm told "oh that explains it!" Does it get old? Hell yes it does.

Last year I did this major piece on a Friday the 13th...

I quoted my favorite quote from all time from no other greater brain than Mr. Albert Einstein. The evil eye wards off evil and puts that evil right back on the person who stared. My heart has the two colors that make up the Rheumatoid Arthritis awareness ribbon.

Then comes Emily the strange. I think the creator of Emily the strange met me somewhere and I was the inspiration for her haha. I have black hair, fair skin, an infinity for cats, and the number 13. When I stumbled upon her in some head shop in NYC, I picked up a few of her stickers that I placed on my Honda I had way back in the day. One was purrrfect. It had Emily with a 13 surrounded my a heart with cats in the background. I wish I would have saved that sticker.

Here are two images of Emily the Strange:

I wish all of you a magical day with great things happening! I also leave you with one of my ALL time favorite bands....THE CURE singing the 13th.


  1. Hey Cousin! Another reason today is a great day, JP's birthday:) While he was actually born on a Saturday, there is no way around his birthday falling on Fridays every now and again. And I think your toes look great!

  2. Happy Birthday to JP! That is so awesome. I know your birthday is coming up yet you didn't post it on FB! Sly cousin, sly. Wish JP a happy birthday! I love that he was born on a 13th. Thanks for the compliment on my toes. I hope they don't change anymore. They have a lot this past year BOOOO. LOL.

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