Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Photo Challenge 2012

A friend of mine on Facebook tagged me in something peculiar the other day. She tagged me in a post about photography. I used to kick ass at photography. This was before digital cameras, actual film existed, and I could roll my film in the darkest of rooms and develop my own film in the dark room. Now, I despise my actual digital camera and I rarely take any good photos anymore because I am too busy relying on my IPhone.

I was tagged in a post called the March Photo Challenge 2012. I love taking random photos and having corny captions to explain the photo. Each day for the 31 days of March have a theme. Today is the 1st day and the theme is Green. Some people really took their picture taking to a professional level. I, well, I took mine to using my phone and maybe breaking the law? No, just kidding. I took a picture of a shutter that is on a florist's facade. I always think the color difference is striking between this odd green and maroon combo. So, I usually whiz by this joint but today this photo challenge actually made me stop and take a picture. I'm glad just for the challenge. I don't need to work on being the best photographer. I'm doing it to say I did it. That is what my 2012 is about, weird bucket list items. In this case, one I didn't even know I had but must do. They have a great blog and are on Facebook as well if any other people are interested in joining.

Their blog is:

This blog is where you get the new daily theme. I had to submit a photo of myself, so I chose a self-portrait I did some months back. I will post each picture for the next 30 days (including the 1st one today) along with the theme for the day.

Today's theme was: Day:1-Green

Here is my self-portrait. I had to go on their Facebook page and accept the challenge. I hope I live up to the 31 days of this. Hahaha. Wish me luck.

Then, I could not help singing a wonderful song while starting this challenge. I'm really a dork.


  1. Pictures of You-- my all time favorite Cure song, so dreamy and irresistible and sad!
    Great photo--good for you for accepting the challenge. I loved the dark room and haven't yet made the transition to creating images with our digital camera so thanks for the inspiration.
    ~ J.

  2. The Cure is faboosh as is this song. I can't say it's my favorite song but one day soon I will write about my love affair with Robert Smith. I'll give you a hint when that day will be. The hint is: one of their album's title. Thank you for all of your support J. If you see me on RA Guy's blog, friend me.

    Take care!

  3. Just after I wrote that, I was like, can I really say that's my favorite Cure song? For certain days, certain moods, yes...but there are so many amazing songs! I will look forward to that post! And I'll look for you on RA Guy's fb page & blog.
    ~ J.