Saturday, March 3, 2012

My 40th Post

I feel like I need a kazoo for this. Granted, I have not written every single day, I at least tried to keep up. This post will be short and sweet because quite frankly I'm not in the best of moods and I'd rather not analyze today. I must be sick.

Today's photo challenge is: Day 3: Soil.
I aptly named this photo showing that even something that helps grow and sustain life can often be a cause of decay. A misanthropic look on nature? Why, yes. A nihilistic view on nature? Why, yes. I never did get along with nature. This coming from a gal whose favorite book's English title is Against Nature. I'm bombing at the photo challenge. People really are getting rather artsy fartsy and creative. Some whipping out the 1k to 2k lenses. I guess I left my artistic side behind.

I have to admit that Facebook really is fascinating. A new recent friend posted a picture from the Atheist club. I'm not an Atheist, I consider myself an Agnostic now. I always was the kid that didn't believe something until I saw it with my own two eyes. I gather that is why I abhor magic and illusions.

This man commented on the photo. He stated,

"Intelligence is only sexy when it is not

 followed by design."

I really wonder if he meant that. I questioned it like I do with all statements and intentions. It's an interesting theory he posed. 

This is the picture that I am kindly "borrowing". 

Why do all "sexy female intellectuals" have to look like a version of Lisa Loeb anyhow? I think that is 
my biggest question of the day. One I will analyze later. I heart this kitty cat in the video.

Oh... can I also wear my favorite shade (black) to a baby shower? Is that socially acceptable? I'm not really good at that kind of shit. I'll try, but I might bomb.


  1. Black is ALWAYS fashionable in NY region and west coast. In the south...well not so. Depends where you are attending the baby shower. Add a happy necklace or pretty scarf and I am sure it will be just fine.

  2. Thanks for the fashion advice Deb. I live in the south but I am from the north and my love for black is infinite. Luckily, someone else at the baby shower was wearing black. So, i did not feel alone. I did try and dressing up and lighten the black up with a scarf like you suggested. I hope all is well with you.