Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rita Flares her Ugly Head

Yikes, a simple task of typing a ten plus page paper for my course kicked my ass yesterday. Friday night my neck popped and I thought I only heard it in my head (you know how RA pops seems to be so much louder to you yet other people hear them at the same level?) but my mom heard it across the room and yelled, "what was that?!". I stated it was the base of my skull where my neck starts. I didn't mean to pop it, it just just did it on its own really.

I left it alone and chucked it up to my usual ghastly and unlady like noises. Saturday morning? Well, something in my neck must have been inflamed so bad that it made my whole left side numb and swollen. My parents wanted me to go to the hospital but me hating to pay medical bills declined. I took a pain pill, patched myself up with icy hot patches, got my heating pad out that my fiance bought me, and made a sling out of an expensive scarf. I found an roid pack that I did not take from my Rheumy the last time. I think her love for roids is kind of scary. Roids don't really fix anything (just inflammation) and they give you this sense false of hope that you can fly and beat up bad people like some super hero. I broke down and decided to start today's dose. It has helped a lot, which makes me mad because I'm always rolling my eyes at my Rheumy and her roid speech. I will never admit they helped. I usually just opt for the shots in my joints because I feel it is helping an actual joint, but this flare is unlike anything I've had before.

I get frustrated that what used to be a simple and sedentary task like typing a paper has become a 4 day ordeal instead of me pounding it out in a few hours. I often have to stop, stretch, stand-up, walk around,'s ridiculous.

It's so pretty out today too, I just want to frolic in a field somewhere. Hopefully, I'm on the mend. I just need to make it until next week's infusion. Come on body, you can do it.

I did not post yesterday's photo. Yesterday's (Day 10) challenge was course. I say what better way to show course a thing or two by posting my daily course of pills for RA.

Someone asked me "why include your birth control pills?". I replied "so I don't have a malformed baby because of my drugs. Duh, read the label. Every bottle states do not get pregnant."

Today's theme (Day 11) was connected. These verbs are hard.

I hope all of you are having a nice weekend. Mine was utterly uneventful but I guess I need to start liking those types of weekends because I simply can't do what I used to do when it comes to going out and having fun. I get concerned about stairs, standing too long, no seating, I can't dance, can't drink, and I get tired young people want to hang out with a 90 year old. I might as well be sitting in a corner, rocking in a chair, and knitting a sweater while I watch my cats play. Hahaha.

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  1. I love how you are using the daily photos in such expressive ways, it's wonderful. I do hope you feel well soon!