Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy One Year Anniversary to my Right Knee

Today marks a whole 365 (well really 366) days since my major knee surgery last year. In one of the last ditch attempts to help my RA knee, doctors broke my bones, cut my tendons and screwed my tendons into my knee in hopes of salvaging my kneecap. After many months of pain, using a walker, then graduating to a cane, many many many months of PT, gyms, pool therapy, and braces...I'm here to say all I have to show for it is one gruesome scar, two screws, and a wobbly swollen knee. Oh well, I hoped for the best and received less than best. I guess that is what happens when you take your chances. At least I have my leg and can walk somewhat decent. I still have a limp and can not do oh about 70% of things normally like stairs (ascending and descending), kneeling, stooping, bending, running, jumping....hell this list can go on. I am glad that I took pictures of my bed ridden and therapy filled days. It helps me realize where I was and where I am now.

I also received the loveliest love letter around this time from my then kind of sort of boyfriend (Ol'WW) and a birthday/surgical get well gift that brightened my day and continues to brighten my nights when I sleep with it.

Take a walk down memory lane with me.

Surgical stalking suck. I had to wear that along with the brace for 3 months.

I still have my jazzed up walker in anticipation of other knee surgeries. 

My cat Claude would always (and I mean always) lay by my leg when the pain was rough and he would guard me at night to make sure I was okay.

PT became something to look forward to because it was time out to socialize. How sad ahahaha.



  1. Was this a total knee replacement? And please don't tell me they said you are to young for a TKR. Grrrrrrr....sounds like that is what should have been done. Why not? Yes, they last like 20 years but can be redone down the road again. loss of 70% is not acceptable in my book.

    You posted on my blog about the hands and I wanted to answer you here as I can't figure out how to email people. I try :-)

    Anyway, some say finger splints have helped them alot. I use wrist splints because my wrists are a complete mess. PT may be a good option as they can help you with recommendations for splints also, if they are good they will give you recommendations and help you with this. A hand orthopedic doc may also be able to guide you to possible surgeries but i would research his/her suggestions to make sure the possible outcome is what you are hoping for in your personal needs.

    I do try to exercise my hands by stretching them, etc.

  2. Hey Deb,

    Nope, it wasn't a total knee replacement it was the 1st of 2 "salvage" surgeries. Besides doctors being scared off by my age, I am pretty sure that there is an insurance formulary that they have to follow to show I exhausted all possible options in order for my insurance company pays for a total knee. That really really sucks for me because you are right, not being able to do 70% of things at my age is not acceptable. I agree with you 100%!

    When you say finger splints, are those the compression gloves? I have those but I am unsure of the splints. I was hoping for just some therapy for my fingers/hands/wrists. I'm tired of surgeries for now and my hands like so many are my livelihood. I do some exercises that I read in a book. They do not seem to help too much.

    Thanks for your reply and please keep us posted. I learn a lot from others on their blogs!

    Take care!