Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I've got Chills and They're Multiplying

Last I left off, I saw the hand doctor (who without official confirmation) determined I had RA inflicted carpal tunnel. In order to determine for sure that I do in fact have Carpal Tunnel I had to have some electric convulsion test done on my nerves in my arms and hands. I did not Google what I was in for whatsoever. I made that grave mistake once for a previous surgery and I scared myself half to death and swore off looking anything up like that again.

Yesterday was the big electric nerve test. In my mind I pictured STEMS you get at PT that help contract muscles. Baaaaammmmmp. Not right at all. This test was a series of electric shots that made my whole body jump in some cases. It hurt so freaking bad folks! I thought that was the end of the test after 30 minutes of twitching and being electrified and electrocuted. Well, I was sorely (and soar) mistaken. Then came out a huge gauge needle and it was jammed in various muscles all up and down my arm and hand to hear sounds of nerves like a doppler or ultrasound. I saw stars. The doctor said I would be "twitchy and feeling electric shocks" after the test. I didn't go to bed until after midnight because of the twitches and electric shocks. I'm still feeling it today quite frankly. I am by no means a baby. I have been commended on my high pain tolerance from other doctors. I didn't show my pain to the doctor but I did shed a few tears in my pillow last night. The test already came back with rather moderate carpal tunnel. I see the doctor again on Tuesday to hear and evaluate my options. I am not one for surgery and I wanted a year without surgery but my hands are really becoming a numb, achey, and tingling mess. Holding writing utensils or eating utensils has become sad (we passed the comical stage). I did Google results of this surgery to release the ligament and let the nerve breathe surgery and everyone reported good success rates with it. I might bite it and do it because I still have half a Master's to get through and I'd like to eat like a normal person again (not a 4 year old). What should I do? I'm looking towards my small fan base for suggestions.

I did go to bed singing whacky brain really needs to stop sometimes.

The chills were more electric shocks, they were multiplying, and my limbs lost control and flailed when being zapped old school Inquisition style.


  1. Hey there AtotheA! I'm Kelley and, while I just hit that "follow" button up at the top of the page, I've been following you for a while - I found your page through Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy. I just wanted to leave you a note saying that my mom had carpal tunnel surgery when I was either 11 or 12. I'm now 21 and she doesn't seem to have any problems with the hand and wrist she had surgery on. Also, it was a day surgery (she got to go home the same day) and recovery time wasn't too long, although she doesn't have to deal with Rita like we do and I'm not sure how that would effect your healing time; you do have to soak the scar and apply lotion to it like 5 times a day (but I'm sure you're used to the post-op scar care procedure). Long story short, I say go for it, even though it will wreck your year without surgery. I think it might help.

  2. Thanks so much for your input Kelley! Thanks for reading my blog as well. I am seriously thinking about going for the surgery. I just want to be free of this pain and nuisance and use my hands again without stopping all of the time. I do feel like I am an expert in wound care hahaha. I am glad your Mom did well after her surgery. I see the hand doctor this Tuesday to listen about surgery. Cortisone shots really do squat in my joints and I'd like to spare my adrenal glands and kidneys if I can. Hope all is well with you and your RA.

    Take care,

    1. I totally understand not wanting to be in pain and be free of the nuisance that you feel right now. Good luck on Tuesday - I hope you get some good advice and that your doctor helps you figure something out that will work for you :) My RA is doing ok, but I'm currently in the market for a new rheumatologist - going to see a new one in June.

  3. Thanks Kelley. It's nice to have fellow RA'ers to bounce ideas off of and hear input. I really like my hand doctor. He's pretty swell. I hope you like your new Rheumy in June. I tried a new one a few months back. I went back to my original one. I am near Duke and might head out there next if I keep progressing like this on loads of meds. Good luck and please report on your adventure!

  4. I'm glad that you like your hand doctor. Good luck to you too, and I will for sure report on my adventure.