Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Submission for Show Us Your Hands Book

I sat there thinking about an intimate story about my afflicted RA hands for the book submission I was accepted into. I wanted to make a poignant point that life with a debilitating autoimmune disease does not have to be the end all be all type of sentence. I am rarely positive but I have tried being better at it for my fiance, since he lives on lollipop lane and all. I kid, I kid....well sort of kind of.

So I worked on my first draft of the submission today and e-mailed it off to my RA leader. She has been nice and encouraging. I usually have to submit papers to asshole professors. It's nice to submit something to someone warm and open.

I would like to share my submission that I have thus far about me and Ol'WW.

Here it goes....

"My hands were once the lonely hands, hands that were resolved on being alone for life. Sure my hands have lived a colorful life full of travel to many countries, hands that created a lot of art, and researched and typed many papers including theses for Masters programs, hands that taught and helped shape lives of low socio-economic students. However, my afflicted Rheumatoid Arthritis hands never felt comfortable with another pair of hands in their life. That is until I met my fiancé William who has Ankylosing Spondylitis. I finally found another pair of hands that fit mine perfectly in more ways than the literal sense. His hands understand the struggles with the internal and external pain that can come with inflammatory arthritis. He has been down the same road and continues to travel the same road as me and his hands offer my hands and heart comfort and understanding. I thank my hands and his everyday for writing numerous pen-pal letters when we first met on a website for inflammatory arthritis close to two years ago. We truly shared a lot of fears and dreams with one another through our letters and there were some days and moments in my life that his hand typed letters saved me. When we finally met, our hands connected and everything felt right and whole for the first time in our lives. My hands found their missing piece to the puzzle. We both felt like we were half a person with our various degrees of abilities and disabilities but when we finally came together we made a complete person who just had abilities, not disabilities. Things I was unable to do, he could do. Things he was unable to do, I could do. My hands in his hands feel beautiful now. I never saw the physical beauty in my hands before due to swelling, deformed joints, and nodules but his beautiful strong hands make mine beautiful. On November 22nd, 2012 his hands in mine on bended knee proposed to me and placed a beautiful engagement ring on my left hand. I now walk around often catching myself looking at the symbol of love, comfort, and understanding on my left ring finger. Now instead of trying to hide my hands or disguise them in any way, I proudly show my hands off to anyone and everyone and think to myself that my Rheumatoid Arthritis hands are gorgeous and loved by my fiancé who has Ankylosing Spondylitis. Nothing in this world can stop our connected hands now."

I hope it is what the editors are looking for. I thought it was lovely as did my fiance. I even got a "very good" and "excellent" from him. He usually responds with the dude answer, "pretty good"...what gives what that? Hahaha, men?!

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