Friday, May 18, 2012

Daily Roid Rage Retrospective: Day 2

Day 1: 6 tablets (completed, sweated profusely, and pissing like a race horse)
Day 2: 6 tablets (completed, sweated again, pissed like a race horse again and leg pains)
Day 3: 5 tablets
Day 4: 5 tablets
Day 5: 4 tablets
Day 6: 4 tablets
Day 7: 3 tablets
Day 8: 3 tablets
Day 9: 2 tablets
Day 10: 2 tablets
Day 11: 1 tablet
Day 12: 1 tablet

Today's feelings? Sadness a warm comfy blanket of sadness that feels like it will be around a while. 

Pain? Ohhhh ouch my legs were screaming in pain today. It was unbearable at times as I had to cry myself into a nap. 

I do have to say the blurriness and itching have subsided from my swollen blood vessels in my eyes and body. There's a positive.

I stayed in doors all day so I would not buy impulse purchases.

I also ate less (way less than yesterday). I tried my best to control both hunger and rage. I laid low and kept to myself. Here I go equating my life to Sloth from the Goonies. I am a monster right now that needs to have little to no contact with the outside world. It's for the best.

I'm starting that jittery thing now with these high doses of prednisone. It's as though I am tweaking out like some crack head or meth head. I'm just a roid head not by choice. 

Another weekend sitting at my desk contemplating my old life I used to have of getting ready at this time to go to a bar/club for a night of fun. I really have to talk myself out of the fact I have no life anymore. 

I hope all of you try and have a great weekend. I suck at adapting to this "new" life of mine. Hopefully each day will be easier. 


  1. Hiding out I read. Hope you feel better soon. Both from the med rage and from the illness.

  2. Thanks Deb. Hiding out is the best for both me and humanity. Illness is kicking my butt pretty hard right now and these roids sure aren't helping. I hope you are well!