Sunday, May 20, 2012

Daily Roid Rage Retrospective: Day 3 and 4

Day 1: 6 tablets (completed, sweated profusely, and pissing like a race horse)
Day 2: 6 tablets (completed, sweated again, pissed like a race horse again and leg pains)
Day 3: 5 tablets (completed, sweated again, not sleeping, and headache)
Day 4: 5 tablets (completed, sweating oh the sweating, sleep...what's that?...ow my head hurts)
Day 5: 4 tablets
Day 6: 4 tablets
Day 7: 3 tablets
Day 8: 3 tablets
Day 9: 2 tablets
Day 10: 2 tablets
Day 11: 1 tablet
Day 12: 1 tablet

I'm not at the half way point yet. These drugs aren't for sissies. I'm really low and I know this is a side effect of the prednisone. I go through it every time. It's just hard when you already suffer with depression and have to take a medication which the side effect is depression. It's like a depression sundae. More scoops of depression and I don't know what the sprinkles are and when the sprinkles are coming. As I sit here and type my thoughts, now all I can think about are ice cream sundaes. 

I'm a lone wolf when it comes to suffering. I'm like a cat in many ways. I just want to go off and be by myself and lick my wounds until I'm healed or go die in peace. I admire the dignity of animals that suffer in silence and always put their tough face on. We humans could learn a lot from them. I just want to stay in my bat cave and sleep until it passes. 

Huh, I thought I would have more to say but I guess I really don't. I'm tired of being alone. I do know that much today.

Happy Sunday to all and hope fellow sufferers are feeling relatively well.


  1. And I hope you are feeling a bit better this Monday. Steroids are the med we love to hate and for the very reason (one of many) you are currently experiencing. But if that cloud begins to hang to low over your head, please call your doctor and let them know. Particularly if you have one that works with you on your depression issue. Whether it is med induced or not, depression isn't anything to play around with. (((HUGS)))

  2. Thanks Deb. It was a rough start today but I am doing a good bit better. I appreciate your support, I really do. I hope you are well this Monday and stay safe on the coast. I live in Raleigh, I like how we are not that far from one another! (((HUGS)))