Monday, May 21, 2012

Daily Roid Rage Retrospective: Day 5

Day 1: 6 tablets (completed, sweated profusely, and pissing like a race horse)
Day 2: 6 tablets (completed, sweated again, pissed like a race horse again and leg pains)
Day 3: 5 tablets (completed, sweated again, not sleeping, and headache)
Day 4: 5 tablets (completed, sweating oh the sweating, sleep...what's that?...ow my head hurts)
Day 5: 4 tablets (completed and weepy and also wondering how can one sweat so much and still gain weight on prednisone?)
Day 6: 4 tablets
Day 7: 3 tablets
Day 8: 3 tablets
Day 9: 2 tablets
Day 10: 2 tablets
Day 11: 1 tablet
Day 12: 1 tablet

I tried to function a bit more after a very very rough morning. I got gas (no road rage), went to the bank (no rage in general) and went to Hallmark to look for birthday cards for my fiance (I raged to myself on this portion of my day). I saw loads and loads of birthday cards for husband but not a single one for fiance. That kind of stunk. I handled myself well and weeped in private not in public. I feel that is a positive.

I did not wear make-up so I wouldn't ruin it. Nothing is as bad as mascara streaming down your cheek ladies. 

I just want to let anyone out there know never ever write a prednisone inspired letter to a loved one at midnight. Being tweaked out from roids, lack of sleep, and overall jitteriness are not a good combination for communication. Live and learn on that one. Besides my headache and some sadness I feel I might be coming out of this prednisone funk. I thought my joints would feel better with all of these high doses, but they are still screaming at me. At least the itchiness and blurriness have subsided a good bit. Next hurdle, carpal tunnel surgeries! However, I have to complete this managerial economics course for my Master's first! 

I hope the Dog Days are Over...


  1. Gosh, I hate that. It all has to be "Oh, my dear husband... blah blah blah... I'm so glad I married you." Where is the one for awesome boyfriends?

    I drove around downtown Chicago yesterday and today both without killing anyone with my roid rage. Granted, I'm not on as high a dose as you are right now (poor dear!) but my roids come out hard core when I'm driving. But they didn't... in Chi-town in rush hour traffic this morning? Crazy talk.

    Feel better dear!

  2. Kudos to you during protests and what not driving around downtown Chicago! Roid rage would have easily made an appearance with me!