Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Daily Roid Rage Retrospective: Day 6 (Intimacy, Cats, and Comedic Relief)

Day 1: 6 tablets (completed, sweated profusely, and pissing like a race horse)
Day 2: 6 tablets (completed, sweated again, pissed like a race horse again and leg pains)
Day 3: 5 tablets (completed, sweated again, not sleeping, and headache)
Day 4: 5 tablets (completed, sweating oh the sweating, sleep...what's that?...ow my head hurts)
Day 5: 4 tablets (completed and weepy and also wondering how can one sweat so much and still gain weight on prednisone?)
Day 6: 4 tablets (completed...less weepy YAY!, still sweating BOO!)
Day 7: 3 tablets
Day 8: 3 tablets
Day 9: 2 tablets
Day 10: 2 tablets
Day 11: 1 tablet
Day 12: 1 tablet

As we all established, I have Rita with me 24/7. Rita is my nemesis and my evil devil on my shoulder. We can conclude that Rheumatoid Arthritis sucks. I can't wallow in my misery for too long because my fiance is Mr. Positivity. His positivity can often be annoying to me when I, the Debbie Downer, and RA Rita want to be cohorts and think bad things. Sometimes, it's so easy to get sucked into Rita's web of misery. However, Mr. Positivity comes and saves the day and tries to get be to look at the brighter side of life.

How did he get to be this way? Nurture: nope. Nature: Perhaps. Life experience? Most likely. He has a severe case of Ankylosing Spondylitis. He has had both of his hips replaced and his spine and neck are fused. We both entered our relationship with some self-esteem issues and trepidation. We had questions of concerns and we both came to the table with disability. On Facebook (being the ever wonderful connector of strangers), I friended a woman who has Ankylosing, Jennifer V. For World Autoimmune Arthritis Day, her and her husband did a presentation on intimacy for people living with Autoimmune Arthritis. I listened and watched the presentation. It was really wonderful for them to talk about such a secret part of their life. A part that my fiance and I can struggle with from time to time because we both have different Autoimmune Arthritis and different needs and limitations. Please check out the video below. Especially for the readers who have a healthy mate. Your healthy mate can learn a lot about your struggles and needs through this presentation as well.

For some reason I am unable to find the video through this blog but the youtube share tag is: http://youtu.be/3vxSBr2rGXc It is titled: Chronic Illness Changes Everything - Intimacy & Relationships

Now onto cats. 

I once promised my friend that I would not be that crazy cat lady on my blog. However, I swear my cats help me with both my emotional and physical needs. I have 3 cats. Sophie (11 year old Manx), Claude (a 2 year old (but I swear he's at least 6) rescue who is a Chartreux), and Remi (a 2 year old brother to Claude who I guess has some Lynx Point Siamese in him). Are they really brothers? Doubtful. I want to conduct a Kitty DNA test on them to see. Yes, I am that crazy.

Here are pictures:

This above is Sophie.

This below is Claude.

Here is baby cat Remi

The other day in my sad and mad mood, my cats were trying to entertain me and keep me going. First, my boys had to fight over their cat tree and squeeze both of their cat butts on the top post.

Then last night, Claude came over to get his lovings and furry chest rubs. He lives for furry chest rubs.

I know kids are out of the realm of possibility for me, but just like kids bring joy so do my cats. They really try and help you out in silence.

Now comedic relief. My fiance is a tight wad, there I said it. He is so practical when it comes to money. I am more free wheeling than he is when it comes to money. I had to go to the jewelry store last week (you know when I purchased that diamond and sapphire ring I really didn't need?) for part of a birthday present for him. My mom talked me into looking a diamond wedding bands to match my engagement ring. My wedding band that I have now is simple but great for days I do not want to be flashy. So my man Larry (who sold Ol'WW my rings and sold me Ol'WW's wedding band), started showing me what is called "enhancers". They are like two rings that surround your engagement ring. I started playing around with them and fell in love with one in particular. It compliments my princess cut cathedral solitaire so nicely. I told my mom that would make a great 1 year anniversary present. I told Ol'WW that today and him being such a smart ass said..."Isn't 1 year the paper anniversary?" I laughed and I said, "You can wrap it in paper and kill two birds with one stone." It was pretty funny. Ladies, let's hope I one day get this enhancer. It's stunning!

Here's the link. No one share the price with him, he'll choke. Absolutely choke. 


Here is a picture of us right after he proposed to me and a picture of my ring. I love him and am thankful for him and his positive outlooks. 

Another piece of comedic relief? I have an addiction to eating naughty items in bed and I noticed I was eating counterproductively whilst reading SELF. Go figure the irony on that.


  1. Remi looks so much like a cat I had. He died so young of some mysterious ailment and I miss him still all these years later more than I can ever express. Thank you for sharing the sweetness of your cats. They are so beautiful. And I love seeing you and your fiance and the lovely ring!
    ~ Janine

  2. Cats stay with us forever Janine. I love my cats dearly. Of course I think they are beautiful, but thank you for solidifying my thoughts ahaha ;)

    Thank you for all of your support on here it means the world! I hope you are well!

    Take care!