Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sign My RA Stricken Feet Up For This!

I agree, UGGS are extremely ugly but oh so damn comfy! Ever since having RA and bum ankles and toes...UGGS have kept my feet and ankles feel so toasty and warm during the winter months, which to me equals comfort!

When I saw that UGGS will be releasing a bridal line, well, I about fell out of my chair with glee!

Check this link out!


I am seriously excited about these. I'd never wear them down the aisle but wearing them while getting ready and after wedding usage is something I am definitely not opposed to.


  1. I haven't tried Uggs myself but my daughter swears by these comfy things!

  2. Im an Uggs fan and I havent had RA that long so I cant use that as an excuse! I just love the fluff!

  3. They are comfy! We can love the fluff and use RA as an excuse ladies. Hahahaha