Monday, July 9, 2012


I don't know about you but I don't take my Rheumy's word to the bank. I don't let it be all end all of anything. Call me stubborn, call me smart, call me stupid. That is what happens when you have a thick skull, a fierce independence, and a brain that functions.

Lately I have been stewing about Arava. It really ticked me off that it has so many side effects and the major one being deformed/malformed babies. I am not ready for a baby but I don't want to be told no when I am ready. So, I took myself off the crap. It was giving me horrible GI issues that are not safe to mention, and quite frankly too gross to share. I have been off it for about 3 weeks, and guess what?

That stupid crap was making a difference in my RA. Ugh. I hate when my experiments do not conclude with my original scientific hypotheses. I have been so stiff, so inflamed, so swollen, and so full of pops and cracks. Damn it, I have to go back to that crap and suffer the GI BS and the no babies side effect as well. I really wanted to know if it was worth enduring the side effects and I guess it is because for once I am able to say...I notice a difference with a RA medication. I will never ever tell my Rheumy this. We kind of do not know what to make of one another. She laughs at me when I say something I didn't find funny. Last time I checked, I was not a RA comedienne.

So, here is to swallowing that damn crap pill tomorrow and let's hope I did not screw up beyond RA repair. If I was able to physically cross my fingers, I'd be doing that now. For anyone who reads this and your fingers function properly, could you please cross your fingers in my Arava place? I'd appreciate it.

Half of meds lead me to sing..."I'm on the road to nowhere" because sometimes I feel my pills are just placebos or "sugar on my tongue". You know, my 52 year old sister (a huge Talking Heads fan) would be proud of me for those references. She taught me to be the only kid on the block to adore the Talking Heads and the B-52's in 2nd grade.

One of my absolute favorites from the B-52's.....just as an added bonus.


  1. Oh icky icky :( I've been off the Arava since the beginning of April and I know how you feel. My stomach issues are a lot less, but I have noticed that even with the Enbrel helping my Arthur more I know that it's not the same as it was... but I think I'm going to keep it under wraps for now until my rheumy orders labs. If she notes a difference, I'm sure she'll want me back on it. Sigh. Let me know how your journey with the Arava monster goes. Good luck!

  2. Ugh. I'm sorry that the Arava, while it helps, gives you such bad side-effects. I can't really comment on any medications beyond hydroxychloroquine, since that's all I've been on, but I did have a few side-effects from that, but I'm guessing that they were just a walk in the park compared to what you experienced. Fingers crossed that you and your team of doctors can figure something out that doesn't make you feel horrid and that still makes that bitch Rita calm down.

    Hugs and good luck!

  3. KirBir-I was going to do what you are doing. I was going to try and fly under the Arava radar and see if my Rheumy even picks up on the fact that I took myself off that damn medicine. I often wonder if my physician is competent. I did wind up popping Arava today. I instantaneously got a horrid taste in my mouth and no food tasted good today. I guess the GI issues will follow soon. Thanks for the luck, I may really need it! =)

    Kelley-I'd be interested to know how PT is helping your RA. Be careful on hydroxychloroquine. That's the generic for Plaquenil, right? If so, make sure you go for your bi-yearly to yearly eye exam and tell the eye doctor that it is medically necessary. I started to form the eye side effect associated with that medicine. Make sure they check your color association abilities as well. Plaquenil isn't anything to mess with. Good luck and hugs to you as well! <3