Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Odd Thankful Thoughts

Since my hand surgery, I have been on hand hiatus. I have taken a medical leave of absence from school. This leaves me more time to think, which is not necessarily a good thing for me. See, I think too much. I am on medicine to shut some of my brain off. Thinking gets me in trouble. However, today I was thinking whilst watching Grey's Anatomy reruns on Lifetime. I never saw that series from the beginning. As I was watching this Hollywoodized story line I got to thinking thankful thoughts about my RA. Most people would find these thoughts morbid or morose but these thoughts really came from a thankful place.

Due to limitations (both physical and physiological) of RA I am glad I did not follow the following physical pursuits, pursuits that you make a living from:

1. An athlete
2. A surgeon
3. A concert pianist/cellist or any type of musician
4. An artist
5. A professional dancer
6. A firefighter
7. A police officer
8. A dentist
9. A chef
10. A farmer

The thankful list went on and on. I am truly happy that my brainy self stayed buried in books and research because if I worked so hard to achieve any of the listed professions then was diagnosed with the level of RA I have, I'd have really been screwed and mentally dead. I guess there is a weird silver lining there. Buried deep but present.

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  1. I love the mindset you have going here. I have these kinds of thoughts from time to time as well. Even though my chosen future profession (zookeeper) has me standing on my feet most of the time, it would be possible for me to sit some of the time and work as I need to, rather than being in one of the professions you listed in your post.

    Hope you take advantage of the time away from school and continue to heal!

    Big hugs!