Saturday, August 11, 2012

Finding Gems and That Spark

I got back from my Virginia/West Virginia mini-vacation yesterday. My fiance and I met half way between our two locations for two days. We needed that happy alone time. I had a blast and it was nice to know that my heart still feels the same about him despite that bitch distance trying to get in there and mess things up.

We also celebrated our anniversary by having a yummy hibachi dinner. It was just nice to spend the time together. I needed it and I think he did too. He also found an interesting adventure for the both of us to do, mining for ore. I'm not one for manual labor. I can blame it on Rita but in all honesty I just do not like to sweat. I'm a real girl's girl in that aspect. So, I was a bit hesitant to mine for ore. Fiance was excited so it was infectious. He found this place called Someplace Special outside of Beckley, WV. We found the place (after I was kind of nervous that we were literally out in the middle of nowhere). Farmer Joe owned the place and introduced himself. We introduced ourselves and he told us that he mines the big pile of sand/dirt every morning near his creek. We stood there and saw the pile. We decided to complete 4 buckets and whatever we found, we found. I really had zero expectation on finding anything. I hoped to find a sapphire for my Mom since her birthstone is sapphire.

Thus began the process. My fiance started aimlessly shoveling the first bucket but then as I inspected the mound I could see glimmers of chunky stones. I started to direct him where to shovel. So we finished the other 3 buckets. We carried them over to the bench where we sift the dirt at a water table. I started on my bucket and started hitting the lottery. I was working so hard, working up a sweat. Scooping dirt, sifting dirt, and finding gems! In all honesty I did not have a clue to what I was finding. I just admired the colors, patterns, or sizes. I started putting my findings in another sifter. It was like the more I scooped, the more I found. I was on fire! My poor fiance was not doing as well. Every stone he picked up he would ask what it was. Farmer Joe kept telling him he was finding rocks. While he was finding rocks, I was finding garnet, jade, and sapphire! Farmer Joe was impressed at the garnet I found. I did not even know it was garnet. We were laughing and my fiance was amazed at how hard and fast I was working. I can be a hard worker if something is in it for me. Ahahahaha. It really was a fun adventure. One we will both cherish for years to come. I was happy just to spend the time with my fiance but hell, finding gems was a serious added bonus!

Here are some pictures from the day.

Here is a pic of the 100+ carat garnet I found. I contacted a gem cutter to see if I can make anything with this. I have to send him pics.

Here is a pretty piece of jade I found.

Here is the sapphire I found! My fiance found one too in his small loot and he gave it to my mom.

Here is my sifter and loot. This wasn't even all of it!

Here's poor William's sifter womp womp!

Here's a picture of William sifting for loot.

When we got back to our hotel room, William wanted me to spread my loot out. He placed a quarter in the middle of it to show the scale.

Super fun time was had, and I definitely needed it! However, once I got back home a medical bill for an emergency room visit I had the week prior was waiting for me. $2,149 ugh....oh well I'm still staying on my high!

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  1. Damn my pile does look really small compared to your treasure trove of gems.