Sunday, September 2, 2012

Celeste + Jesse = Forever

On this beyond muggy, lazy, and oppressive for the 2nd day of September, I ventured to the movies. I love going to artsy/indies/foreign flicks. I have not kept up with the various movies as of late because summer is not usually my season for my above mentioned likes. I saw Celeste and Jesse Forever listed. I have not heard about the film nor have I seen any promos. I read the synopsis and watched the trailer. Looked decent enough to me, hey, it wasn't a giant summertime shoot'em up movies.

I sat there with four other people. As I watched the movie I realized I was Celeste. The uber Type A, anal, always right, cavalier, just plain know it all. Her marriage failed because of these facts and she lost her husband/best friend. Through the movie she realized how and where she went wrong. I won't give away the ending.

The point is, I learned a lesson from the movie. Being always right and pessimistic is like living in a prison. I, too, could lose my relationship if I continue this path. I haven't been pleasant to my fiance and I went a step too far last night but quickly realized I didn't mean what I said and apologized.

I have to work harder. I know I am not perfect. This is all new to me.

I wonder if something like divorced occurred in our relationship if he'd ever remarry and if he did, who would the woman be? I thought about that during the movie. I know it is hard to see someone move on without you.

Here is a trailer to the movie. I recommend it!


  1. I hear you! Oh my gosh. The boyfriend and I are both very very similar to you in type a personality and such. It can make it hard for the two of us because one will be mopey and the other assumes it's their fault and get sad too.

    We all have faults. I think that significant others come into our lives - the more permanent ones anyway - so that we can help each other to work through those. It's so easy to hate yourself or to reflect that hate onto another person. It is a lot more difficult to admit the faults and work on them together. Things will get better honey *hugs*

  2. KirBir I think we're one in the same! Hahaha you're the best! You should see it if you get the chance. We do have our faults. Thank you for reminding me of that. It is difficult to admit my faults but I'm trying. Thanks for the well wishes babe! =)

    Hugs back!!!

  3. I'll definitely have to give it a go. We went and saw Lawless yesterday and that was pretty good. It satisfied my Tom Hardy sweet tooth haha :)