Monday, September 17, 2012

I'd Rather Be Wearing a Halter Top...

...than a halter monitor.

Bright and early this morning, a halter monitor tech slapped on leads on my chest and stomach to wear a halter monitor for 24 hours. I was told that if I had episodes of shortness of breath, palpitations, and increased heart rate, my monitor would show "episode" on the screen. It hasn't been but oh seven hours and my monitor has shown a few episodes ahaha. Man oh man. I can't wait to see what this report says tomorrow.

Me and my leads for 24 hours:

On another medical note (since the life of the chronically ill always revolve around medical shit), I received all of my lab work-up from Duke. Surprise! I have Rheumatoid Arthritis (let's all say a collective dddduuuuhhhhh). I thought that was a given when I went to Duke RHEUMATOLOGY. I don't know if she didn't believe me and my many years of medications and surgery, or she wanted to see for herself? My ANA was whacky though. I hope Lupus does not come into play.

Time for a happier note. I got to spend a long week with my fiance in Virginia. Even though we did not do anything incredibly exciting, we always have fun. I miss him already and I often wonder why our fun is so short lived and I have to go back to the mundane medical BS. I wish he was with me everyday as I go through this.

Especially this Thursday, this Thursday is my 1st Rituxan infusion. I am a bit nervous about this one for some reason. It seems like my last resort. I hope with everything that it works. I can't battle heart diseases, RA, and anything else. Here's to hoping.

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