Monday, October 8, 2012

The Waiting Room After the Waiting Game

Well round 2 of chemo not only kicked my ass, it kicked the shit out of my vein. When the 8 hour IV catheter was placed into the sweet spot, the nurse noted my vein rolled. She got it back and functioning, a revival of the vein. The chemo stings like a mofo and I didn't verbalize my pain because I hate looking like a sissy. For some reason, every person in that infusion room is one giant sissy and I refuse to be part of the sissified nation. I took my lickings like a man.

Fast forward to Friday, some discomfort in my IV arm, minimal range of motion, hot red streaks up my arm, and pain.

Fast forward to Saturday, everything listed above minus the red streaks.

Fast forward to Sunday morning, I'm crying in my bed like a big sissy from the horrendous pain. Oh my goodness, the freaking pain! I was starting to flip out and was asked if I wanted to go to the ER. No thanks, I owe too much to them already. I decided to tough it out and call my Rheumy first thing Monday morning. I called, explained my symptoms, was driven to the office. The nurses looked at my arm and determined I had some chemo not go into my vein, instead, it pooled in my soft tissue in and around the insertion site.

I get a shot in the ass for my arm, makes sense right? Oh celestrone how I loathe thee but you have made some improvement in my arm. I have to ice and compress 10 minutes for every hour and elevate a shit load. At least I won't lose my arm.

Waiting room news? The place was packed and today was the first chilly day of fall. The masses and their pitchforks demanded heat. The heat must have been turned on before I arrived in the new building, and guess what? It smelled like heat was just turned on for the 1st time. The shit load of complaints in that waiting room drove me nuts. I love the office staff and nurses at my Rheumy's office, no wonder they want to stab the shit out of people there. I asked to sit in the hallway so I wouldn't get in trouble. What the hell gives with these patients? I understand we are miserable, diseased, and in pain but there is no need to be an ass about it.

Reminds me of Fugazi's Waiting Room. These people could start a legit mosh pit with their anger.


  1. OUCH! You've been through so much. You are really strong, A! Keep on keeping on and keep on writing, you express yourself so well...

  2. Thanks Janine. I'm thinking about giving up the blog in December. I said I was in this venture for a year, and it has almost been a year. I don't think I helped many people out there because, well, I only have 13 followers....hahahaha. I did help myself sort out some emotions though.