Saturday, December 15, 2012

Acupuncture, Meditation, Pain Management Psychologist, OH MY!

I have been so so busy these last couple of weeks with multiple doctors appointments.

I thought I had an infected mastoid. Turns out it was way worse than what I self-diagnosed myself with. I have an infected parotid gland thanks to Rheumatoid Arthritis. It is a gland that takes up most of your cheek goes behind your ear and down your jaw. The right side of my face looked as though I got socked in the face. The swelling and pain was so intense. The huge swelling behind my right ear is a killer too. I had to have a head and neck MRI. Turns out RA infects glands too. Go figure. If I keep continuing with these infections, the gland must come out. My ENT doc was not making any jokes, if a piece of staph breaks loose it goes to my brain or down my spinal column and I then get menigitis. Bummer news on what a conscience positive choices I have been trying to make.

First, my chronic pain psychologist is a real great and HELPFUL guy. We've met twice and are working on feelings, how to resolve feelings, how to meditate, and do relaxation techniques through breathing. He made me start a gratitude journal. I have to focus on 3 things a day I am grateful for. He wants me to practice on being. Not doing or what I have done, just to in the moment, be in the moment of pain and body scan and see what joint is hurting and how can I manage the pain right then and there, I am happy where this work is going.

I started the acupuncturist this week. We had a long meeting first and I went over everything. Then I had two treatments. This woman knows her stuff and I must admit the intense pain in my right hip has subsided some. It turns out in eastern medicine I have what is known as "wind damp heat" RA. In Eastern medicine, RA is called an impediment brought upon by evils. Can I get an amen? My RA is one of the rarest forms and apparently I was born with the evil in my spleen and liver. So besides hitting joints that need help the acupuncturist is working on spleen and liver cleansing because of my stagnate chi. She tells me every session to trust the universe. The universe has everything planned. It clicked with me the other day.

I was feeling a bit physically better and mentally healthy but then the tragedies of Sandy Hook Elementary happened yesterday. It brought me way back down to wear I was. My heart goes out to all of the victims and their families. As a teacher, I have been on many lockdowns and I know in my heart I would have protected my babies the way that one first grade teacher did. There is such evil in the world and it is easily to get sucked into it but I have to keep reminding myself that kindness exists as well.

I hope all of my readers are doing well. I have exciting news to share in January. It hasn't been made public yet so I will wait until it does.

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