Saturday, December 1, 2012

Starting a New RA Path

So, I have to face the fact that I have RA. Rita and I will make peculiar bed fellows for life. The Duke Rheumatologist with her fancy blood tests has definitely diagnosed that I had JRA. I think I have been carrying Rita with me for a solid 26 years. My levels of inflammation are not going down Hello SED rate of 71 and climbing! Woot woot! I'm on my way to the 100 I always want to achieve hahaha.

I have to try a new path for RA. First, I need to accept that this is my "new normal" and that the disease (for now) won't quit raging in my body. That is why I saw a pain management specialist. He was quite nice (and I usually do not trust doctors) and I have started my new compounded pain relief gel. So far it has helped some joints but not my right hip. I'm hoping for relief in that bad boy soon. I have an appointment this Tuesday to see a Chronic Illness and Pain psychologist. I have some hope for that seeing I have a strong psychological background.

I went to one therapist two years ago and specifically stated the following:

1. I need to learn solid coping mechanisms.
2. I need to learn resiliency.
3. I need to train my brain not to focus on pain (Hello Cognitive Behavior therapy)
4. I need to work on self-efficacy.

Yep, how more can a patient be specific? I went fully telling this dip shit what I needed assistance with. She did not know how to handle me, my disease, or chronic pain. We didn' last long.

So now this time I need help with the same 4 issues and hopefully this specialist in the field can truly help.

My next appointment is on December 11th for acupuncture. I am not a huge believer in Eastern medicine but if it doesn't hurt and it might help, I'll give it a solid try.

Then in January I am heading back to my home state, Florida. My Dad wants me to try cryosauna therapy and freeze my synovial fluid and release my inflammation. I'm all for being cold. I open the freezer doors at the grocery store and stand in front of them for some joint relief towards the end of my shopping.

I will continue with my meds and hopefully I will start to feel well enough I can try some exercise and not suffer weeks after for trying to move.

If none of these things work, then I don't know what I'll do? I am running out of options after all this. However, the pain management specialist said there are still some things to try so I have to hold on hope for this guy.

I feel like I am going to be an experimentation but I promise to report any findings to you all in case you can try the same things for relief.

Here's to a new path everyone!

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