Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wedding Planning and Surgery

I have not been on lately because I have been so busy doing wedding planning things. I met with and hired a cake baker. I am excited about the cake. I love some serious cake. I registered at Bed Bath and Beyond and that took forever but it came out nicely. Now let's see if we get any gifts ahahaha.

Tomorrow I have my left wrist and hand surgery so I will be off again for a good bit. Plus, I have been put on bed rest by my Rheumy today for at least a month, maybe two. I have a serious parotid gland issue. People with RA, Lupus, and Sjogrens can have inflammation of the parotid gland. Mine had a staph infection and subsequent major inflammation. It's been annoying but what can you do?

For any RA sufferers out there, try acupuncture. It has helped me to a good degree.

 I hope all of my readers are well and stay well.

I'm signing off for awhile!


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