Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Add It Up

I'm about to be brave tomorrow. I am going no where man or woman likes to go....

I am going to bravely add up all of my current medical bills.

See, since the beginning of December I have had a parotid gland infection, then an inflamed parotid gland, then surgery, then serous right side facial swelling and pain.

In the last 3 months,

I have had an MRI

I have had surgery

I have had many c-spine x-rays

I am had a CT Scan

Now, this Friday I am having yet another MRI for my c-spine due to serious degenerative changes that might be adding to the facial swelling and pain.

I am scared shitless to add these bills up including an ER bill I have been paying off and still have a hefty chunk left to pay.

I have to figure out how to steal from Peter to pay Paul and I am running out of crafty ideas because I am still paying for good portions of my wedding in September.

Tomorrow will be a somber day in some respects because I will see what my true medical debt is. No 33 year old should have to worry about medical debt, on top of wedding debt. on top of student debt.

I want to pull my hair out and scream but I am just going to have to calmly breathe and figure out a plan, besides the obvious payment plans I am on for my medical bills.

Yet another joy of being a chronically ill patient. I have to accept the fact that I will always have some sort of medical debt. It comes with the territory.

I'll be depressed and glowing in the dark from radiation by Friday ;)

Good times!

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  1. How are you, A.? Thinking of you!
    ~ Janine